Saturday, July 18, 2009

Slovak Word of the Day 11: kloktať

klotať v. gargle

So, the in-laws are visiting. Coming back from an evening at the theatre, I offered my brother-in-law something to eat, but all he wanted was salt. Now, I know about the importance of salt in Slovak culture, but it seemed a bit odd to just want salt for supper. He explained that his girlfriend had a sore throat and wanted to gargle with salt water.

I do realise that the word kloktať may not seem like a very useful one to know. The number of occasions where you need to tell someone you want to gargle will probably be few, and a little demonstration will probably make the point clear on those occasions. But this might just be a word that punches above its weight. After all, if you know how to say "gargle", you must speak the language pretty well...

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  1. Laska, very funny article. Though not that good in maths? :)