Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slovak Word of the Day 3: rozvod

rozvod n. masc. 1. divorce 2. distribution

This story reports that Pavol Rusko's marriage may be in trouble. Rusko is well known in Slovakia as the former owner of TV Markíza, which according to Wikipedia is the most watched channel in Slovakia. It's certainly very popular with my wife's family, mainly for showing quite a good range of foreign films. Unfortunately for me it's still a bit of a stretch to watch a film dubbed into Slovak, even if (as happened at Christmas) we've just watched the same movie in English on DVD the day before.

In this connection, my wife tells me a story of mendacious headlines from the early days of Plus 7 Dní, a tabloidy weekly magazine. The headline screamed Rusko a jeho rozvod and of course, hungry for a bit of gossip, she bought it at once to find out all about Rusko's divorce. Little did she imagine that the headline actually referred to the second meaning of rozvod - distribution, as in distribution of power. The article was not about Rusko's divorce but about his new electrical wiring.

She tells me she has never bought Plus 7 Dní since.

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